Thursday, June 4, 2009

Removing a tattoo

How to remove a tattoo using laser surgery:

The practice of wearing tattoos is something that humans have been doing for quite some time now. The different people of the world wear tattoos for different reasons; some cultures need their people to wear tattoos for religious reasons, some wear tattoos as followers of some cult or group some wear it to impress others and some wear it just to show that they are strong enough to bear the pain and brunt of tattoos.

Basically, a tattoo is done by injecting colored pigments into the skin of the person. On injecting the tattoo pigments in the skin, the tattoo becomes permanent. However there are many people who for some reason or the other have to remove a tattoo. The removal of a tattoo is an important part of tattoo art, which can be done through any of these traditional methods.

* Dermabrasion is one famous method of tattoo removal where a small portion of the tattooed part is sprayed with a solution that freezes the area. Once the area is frozen, an abrasive instrument is used to make the tattooed skin peel. The area is then dressed up to prevent bleeding in the area.

* Small tattoos are best removed using excision method. By using the excision method, the tattoo can be completely removed. However if you want a large tattoo to be removed, it has to be done in a phased manner. When opting for excision, local anesthesia is used to numb the area after which the tattoo can be removed surgically. Once the tattoo is removed, the edges are brought together and stitched to ensure minimal bleeding.

* Salabrasion is a tattoo removal technique that is centuries old. Here a local anesthetic is used on and around the tattoo. Then a solution of tap water dipped in table salt is applied to the tattoo after which an abrading instrument or a wooden block covered with gauze is used to remove the tattoo. The tattooed area may become red in color after a while so dressing is applied to stop bleeding.

* One of the best tattoo removal methods is laser surgery. In this method, a cream is applied to the skin to make it numb. After this, pulses of light from the laser are directed to the tattoo. It is these pulses of light that break up the tattoo pigments. In a few weeks' time, you find the body's scavenger cells removing the treated pigmented areas. However to remove all tattoos, you will have to sit through more than one sitting of laser surgery.

The choice of the tattoo removal method is best decided by the physician. However before you consider tattoo removal, it is important to remember that tattoo removal often leads to scars, wounds and skin diseases. The success of a tattoo removal depends on the size and location of the tattoo, the person's healing process, how long the tattoo has been on the skin and how the tattoo was applied.

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