Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cross tattoo designs part 2

The different types of Cross tattoo designs:

Once upon a time, the cross tattoo was used to depict Christianity and other religious groups. However today, cross tattoos have expanded across the world because people are attracted to the cross, and not for religious reasons.

The reason cross tattoo designs have grown so popular is that they are the most flexible of tattoo designs. In fact, first time tattoo users tend to choose the cross tattoo design in reverence on the loss of a loved one.

However there are some cross tattoo designs that are used for depicting religious crosses like the Latin, St. Andrew's cross and the Celtic cross. The crosses selected for non-religious reasons are the Ankh and the Gothic Cross.

So when you choose to have a cross tattoo design, it is important that you first inform the tattoo artist the reason for the tattoo, so that they can let you choose the right design from their collection of tattoos.

Gothic Cross tattoos depict pain and anger:

The most popular cross tattoo is the Latin cross which comprises of a vertical line that is intersected at right angles by its shorter, horizontal line. This line is found about 1/3 the length of the vertical line, starting from the top of the cross. This cross is usually associated with Christianity and is also used as a form of tribute to others.

The Celtic collection of crosses is one of the more attractive crosses, with its knot found in the space where both lines cross. Some people choose to have an intricate border that has Celtic knots found in a series.

The St. Andrew's cross is a cross that is very different from the traditional design of a 'T' as the cross here depicts an 'X'. On looking at the Gothic Cross, you can find its German origins in it with the elaborate wrought iron work displayed in it which was prevalent during the Edwardian and Victorian periods.

The Gothic Cross is usually worn by a person to express pain, anger and the Goth culture which is signified by the dark imagery of the cross like barbed wire and daggers. Of the many Celtic tattoo designs, the Celtic cross tattoo is the most popular one. It is found in a variety of patterns where you generally find a circle situated at the point of meeting of the horizontal and vertical lines of the cross.

Tribal cross tattoos depict affinity to sects:

The Celtic cross is popular because it is worn to represent faith and heritage in a person. This tattoo design is a very beautiful work of art and its value is known only to the person who wears it. Of late, tribal tattoos have started gaining popularity in the past decades.

These tribal tattoos are used by people to either signify attachment to a particular cultural group or a religious sect. these tattoos are comprised of symbols that have special meaning to the people who wear them.

So don't be worried if you find people having grotesque tribal tattoos as these are mysterious and unsettling tattoos that have a hidden and personal meaning to these tattoos!

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