Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cross tattoo designs

The cross is one of the most popular female tattoos:

Once upon a time, tattoos were frowned upon by society. The general impression that people had of people wearing tattoos were that only criminals and homosexuals wore tattoos. And in the case of women, whores were that additional group of people who wore tattoos.

However today all that is slowly disappearing as women are now opting to wear tattoos as tattoos are now socially acceptable. In fact though once only males wore tattoos, today as many females as men are getting tattoos. It can be said that it was because of the celebrities who started wearing tattoos that tattoos are now acceptable in society as it proves that not only the bad section of society wears tattoos; anyone can wear them.

Women can tolerate pain and tattoos much better than men:

Basically, women are more style conscious in choosing their tattoos than men. They spend lots of time thinking of the right tattoo to put on their body, and on which part of the body they should wear it. On the contrary, men decide and choose their tattoos at the spur of the moment and just have it done on their body.

Tattoo artists claim that that on comparing men and women, it is women who are better and easier to tattoo. This is because women can deal with pain and handle pain much better than men. Although men think they are tough and can control pain, when the needle hits their skin, most men pass out.

However, women on the other hand, have learnt to anticipate the pain and have a higher and better tolerance to pain.

A wide range of popular female tattoos:

The most popular female tattoos are designs that are floral, tribal designs, old school designs, roses, lower back designs and Japanese and Eastern style tattoo designs. There is no fixed popular female tattoo as the demand for a particular form or type of tattoo changes every year.

Recently, women have been opting for large tattoos with designs of 'New school' hearts, stars, roses and tribal tattoos. Then there are angels, cross, butterflies, fairies, flowers, henna and numerous Christian symbols that are being used as tattoo images. Of the lot, the cross is the most famous tattoo.

There are some women who prefer getting zodiac symbols and celestial bodies like the sun or moon as their tattoos. There are also different symbols of good luck for people of different cultures that are used as tattoos. Of course, like always, the most popular female tattoo is to engrave their benefactor's or sweetheart's name on the body.

Basically, women tend to turn to delicate and minimalist tattoos for their bodies. However of late, they have started choosing larger and more aggressive tattoo designs with popular female tattoos becoming more and more experimental every day.

Women are now trying out various combinations; however whatever the combination be, female tattoos are always on the sexier side and worn on parts of the body that help accentuate the feminine charms of a woman.

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