Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • EB2DEC152005
    08-12 06:50 PM
    Let me know if you still want me to call you.

    Please give me a call, if you donot mind.

    Thank u so much for your kind reponse.

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  • eb3_nepa
    02-20 02:00 PM
    WaldenPond pls check ur Private Messages and respond ASAP


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  • innervoice
    08-19 05:17 AM
    Got Greened Today.

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  • grupak
    03-24 05:10 PM
    OP should try to pursue this through a lawyer if s/he can. For the rest of us, maybe time to think of what we can do together to not face this again in the future. Lot of us are going to be on EAD for a while.


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  • venetian
    08-19 11:16 AM
    Congrats ans wishes to those who got their approvals.

    Reading thru the forum I found there different status for approvals, some say they status was changed to 'Decision' with a msg new permanent resident status is registered and others say CPO email, I presume CPO as Card Production Ordered. I think both are different statuses, can some one please explain why some get 'Decision' and others get CPO directly.

    Mine is still pending, just wanted to know as expecting the magic mail any time, since I did everything I could to expedite the approval.

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  • prinive
    07-09 06:57 PM
    Guys, IV is monitored closely.


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  • abhijitp
    07-31 03:04 PM
    1. If a Receipt Number is issued for a I-485, does it necessarily mean that the case won't outright be rejected for a missing document/ evidence, but instead an RFE will be issued?
    2. When a receipt number is issued for a I-485, and if we send out the missing document/initial evidence using the allocated A#, is there a good likelihood that the evidence/document will make it to the appropriate file?

    Answers to these will help make a decision on filing multiple I-485's where the first I-485 missed some initial evidence.

    One more thing: I was about to make another private consultation call today. I pledge contributing $200 if I find a concrete answer to this issue without having to consult one more lawyer.

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  • mallu
    10-04 12:57 PM


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  • rb_248
    10-01 03:32 PM

    How come there is pending cases in 2007, 2008 and 2009 for EB2 and EB3 India?

    From the PDF I see the following

    2007 after july fiasco - 559
    2008 - 178
    2009 - 9


    2007 after july fiasco - 466
    2008 - 88
    2009 - 5

    My understanding is that the visa bulletin were never open for priorty dates from Aug 2007 to till date....EVER..

    I may be missing something..

    I think it is because of cross chargeability. If your spouse's country of birth is not India then you can get charged to your spouses birth country. And therefore can apply for 485 when your spouse's PD is current even when your PD is not current.

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  • english_august
    07-11 12:22 PM
    ABC NEWS missing.
    Boston Globe article is just a reprint of Reuters piece - so I did not include that.

    I cannot find the link to ABC coverage. Can you please PM it to me?


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  • hsingh82
    06-17 12:38 PM
    IMO, stopping and working against fraud can be a bullet point in IV's portfolio. It could help IV while discussing issues with lawmakers.

    My 2 cents.

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  • prashantc
    01-31 11:35 AM
    Thanks for all your good wishes. I am praying for all of you, you will hear the good news soon.

    Hi, Virginia_desi, perhaps my observation and moral was a bit pre-fetched. But based on two big forums (IV, Murthy), Indian consulates are the only ones that reportedly delay passport deliveries by more than 10 days for some cases. I have not read a single first hand experience (not friend tales) talking about 30 days delays at any other posts. I did read about a 7 days delay at London, but that was it.

    Hopefully the PIMS system will stabilize soon. My one complain is that enough forewarning should be given to the people in advance when making such big changes in visa process. There was some information from DOS on 7th and 28th Dec on about PIMS, but that mentioned a maximum delay of 48 hours. I dont think 48 hours can be rounded to a month in any mathematical syntax. Furthermore, people were making appointments 2-3 months in advance. They cannot change their plans on a 2 weeks notice, and even that notice did not carry credible information about delays to anticipate.

    Anyways, the moral should be "stay well informed before making any immigration steps". God bless all.


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  • punjabi
    04-05 04:04 PM
    Most of the hype is being created by the immigration law firms and attorneys, rather than DOS or USCIS. They are after the dough!

    The news might just bring relief to many people, but look at who is creating the most of the hype - it's attorneys.

    The comments in this update kind of seem contradictory to me. It says that there might be possibility for greater advancement than earlier thought... and then they talk about moving it back.
    Whatever it is..I don't know why they are creating so much publicity about this bulletin. Does it mean they are going to advance the dates by a couple of years??? If it was for a few months why would they create so much hype about this?

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  • gc_chahiye
    06-25 05:29 PM
    it coul dmatter..if the histrionics of teh last 2 years are repeated...

    that is actually true. My heart goes out to the people who were stuck at a date for an year and a half, and all of a sudden that date jumped two years...

    I asked my lawyer this, and he said that per a USCIS (Pearson?) memo you can change the underlying I140, but it applies to the same person. This is called interfiling. He said some people have taken this to assume that you can also request that underlying I-140 be changed across applicants, and primary-derivative names be flipped, but he is not sure if this will work, he has never done this in any case so far, and its a grey area.


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  • vikramy
    09-20 01:34 PM
    I have a doubt, Did any one who sent flowers have got their Reciept No's. It's not a reasonable cause, but Just checking. You never know.

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  • godbless
    01-15 04:28 PM
    Please reply soon if possible.:confused:


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  • bfadlia
    03-25 04:14 PM
    All these requirements are Position Specific. Before publishing externally, most companies (HR) decides the policy first for an example to which kind of person they will hire for this position like " We will not consider H1 for this position" seeing the "Critical and essential need of "blah " blah"..." And they then follow it. So it may happen that one person gets an answer " We do not consider EAD holder for this position.." and next month you may meet somebody (EAD Holder) working for that company on EAD but for different position as company made apolicy to hire EAD holder for that particular kind of position.

    makes sense, parallel to saying x job only available for phd holders, y job for masters
    but that's legal because a job can benefit from the skills of a phd holder, while in our case of EAD vs GC or Citizenship the employer gets no benefit, it's just his arbitrary will, that what made it illeagal

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  • willwin
    08-07 02:28 PM

    Sunnysurya is busy trying to get people for the lawsuit. He will not reply to you.

    According to IV Tracker, his EB2 PD is Nov 2005. He has filed in Nebraska.


    EB2 folks with PD 2006 and later and also those in TX center, beware!

    He might file a lawsuit against you guys as well for 'skipping' the line.


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  • sai
    01-15 08:27 AM
    Indian held for US computer techie immigration fraud
    Narendra Mandalapa has been charged with fraud and misuse of visas and is currently in the custody of the United States Marshals Service. The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement says investigations have revealed that Mandalapa had filed nearly 1,000 possibly fraudulent labour-based petitions. All of these were on behalf of skilled computer professionals from the Indian sub-continent seeking to enter or remain in the US.
    Investigators estimate that professionals paid at least Rs 90 crore as application fees for these petitions. They are now trying to determine how many such people entered the US and received fraudulent labour benefits. ud

    11-03 09:23 PM
    Not an issue. It can be done using business necessity letter. Companies like Google should not have a issue as they regulary higher such qualified people. On the other hand , the non genuine case will have difficulty as from now onwards these positions will be scrutnized more closely. Moreover, any indication of fraud may result in the the audit of original labor also.

    Not only consulting companies but genuine companies in the software arena will also face trouble. If I interpret it correctly, most new hires at places like Google, MSFT, Amazon etc. even if having MS from top-notch universities in the US can apply only under EB-3 as their job description will fall in Job Zone 4.
    On the other hand somebody having a non-IT or CS degree from a mom&pop University can find a job, state its "research" and upgrade to Job Zone 5 and apply under EB-2.
    I wonder how this will fly with the affected companies?

    01-08 01:25 PM
    Just finished it and made a photocopy for IV PO Box.. How many more are up to the hand written challenge? :D

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