Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • shsharma_2000
    02-06 11:40 AM
    I went for H1B extn (approved Nov 2007) stamping on 15th Jan at New Delhi consulate. The person checking the papers at the outside window wrote - PIMS found on my appl form.
    I checked with the VO after the interview if I will experience any PIMS delay. He replied he would not have been able to process my application without PIMS entry being found and everything is good.
    Got the passport back on 18th.

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  • 485Mbe4001
    10-18 11:29 AM
    :p, unfortunately bouquets will not work here, some people on one of the yahoo groups did try that, pro flowers refunded the money because FBI doesnt accept flowers or some crap like that:eek:

    Thank you sir. If nothing else moves forward on this Front , we have Bouquets :-)

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  • SunnySurya
    08-23 11:35 AM
    The congress has suggested the following to you, please keep the following companies in mind:
    Aviation Travel
    615 Pavonia Ave. Jersey City, NJ 07306
    Ben Bow Travel Inc.
    25, Kinnelon Road, Kinnelon, NJ 7405
    (800)-526-5366, (973)-838-1905
    BMR Travel
    311, Raritan Avenue, Highland Park, NJ 8904
    (877)-267-8747, (732)-545-0411
    Comfort Travel
    Edison, NJ.
    Gateway Travel
    1 Gateway Ctr. Newark, NJ 07102
    Gemini Travels
    97, Main Street, Suite#201, Woodbridge, NJ 7095
    High Fly Travel
    1389 Oak Tree Rd. Iselin, NJ 08830
    Mahan Travel
    14 Path Plaza Jersey City, NJ 07306
    Mahan Travel
    Edison, NJ.
    Metro Travel
    1432 Oak Tree Road Iselin, NJ 08830
    Personal Travel
    215 Nassau St. Princeton, NJ 08542
    Pooja Travel Service
    43 Ocean Ave. Jersey City, NJ 07305
    Rupa Travel Services, Inc.
    1939 Lincoln Hwy (Rt 27S), Edison, NJ 08817
    Sarko Travel
    1340 Stelton Road, Piscataway, NJ 08854
    Travel Concepts
    68 Mommaugh Rd., Oakhurst, NJ 07755
    Travel World
    813 Newark Ave., Jersey City, NJ 07306
    (201)-659-8844, (800)-278-2244
    Universal Tours & Travel
    1 Penn Ave, Metuchen, NJ 8840


    Just send the loud message" UNLESS YOU DO SOMETHING, WE ARE GOING BACK.".


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  • Hewa
    06-29 02:11 PM
    If USCIS mail room is closed fedex will probably re-attempt to deliver the next business day.

    Guys, Are we sure that Fedex will not deliver on saturday or sunday, what will happen if they deliver, nobody will be at USCIS to accept right, so it will still be opened only on monday ?


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  • smisachu
    09-25 12:04 PM
    Never mind. I found it...:)

    This link is not working. (Page not found). can someone repost.


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  • CADude
    09-25 09:57 PM
    I called 2 weeks back to her office. Her staff told me to contact my reps. If any one lives in San Jose then he/she can contact her office.

    how to send an email to Lofgren her website only talks about CA certain areas. Any idea please guys do u have her direct email id , i am sending email , fax along with my area congressmen. Trying something to think out of blue.


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  • file485
    05-23 07:44 AM

    I have a labor approved in Civil/Contruction job skills with PD Oct 2003 and my date is current now. However I am currently on a IT company H1-to be specific 'Business Analyst'.

    will there be a problem being now on a IT company H1 and filing for 485 with the Civil/Contruction approved labor..?


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  • bkn96
    11-14 08:18 PM
    I am new to forum. How to contact PD_reacpturing?


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  • looneytunezez
    01-29 06:24 PM
    OK....wait till next week for an outright refusal on EAD.
    once that happens.....explore the option to file suit......

    they first stated that they had instructions from their legal team that they have too much hassle with EADs causing problems, so they dont hire ppl with outside EAD. When I asked them to reconsider they said I dont know for sure, lets see what the legal team says.

    It seem to me that this hr person did not make up the refusal on their own, but had previous precedents to go by or had been given explicit instructions.
    My fear is that they will come back with a clearer explanation of why they cannot offer employment based on the EAD.
    I am getting really really upset about this. If I had known about this EAD refusal thing I would not even have gotten out of H1 and would have continued to work...

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  • Milind123
    01-24 03:56 PM
    Looks like they forgot to ask to attach the following :):):):)

    1) Copies of all your certificates
    2) Your latest offer letter
    3) Pay stubs for last six months
    4) Tax returns
    5) Letter of introduction from the employer
    6) Latest Resume
    7) 3 Recommendation letters
    8) Family photo with Mother, Father, spouse, kids , siblings. While background, taken less than 6 months ago. Frontal view :)

    Avoid them at all costs....

    Good one. But don't give those fools any more ideas. They have already started a new project to incorporate the above "points" in their next version.


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  • flygo
    01-06 12:29 AM
    I am not saying we initiate a strike or something like that, just gather together to have some (ideally at the same time) rallies to get media's attention. It even can be done at weekend. Say we can have 1K demonstrators at five big cities each across the nation - it must be something.
    Afetr all, we are legal immigrants and our voices should be able to get delivered LOUDLY.
    The only thing concerns me is the traffic of this web site, I sincerely hope someone can forward my post (not necessarily the original one, a better version) to some immigrant web sites so we can work together.
    For me, I live in NJ, I have no problem driving to NYC on a Saturday morning to tell people what has been haunting us and is going to be haunting us for a long while.
    BTW, imagine such kind of rallies happen three times a month - it's gonna blow!

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  • garybanz
    01-08 10:00 AM
    Pls feel free to change the text of the letter and personalize it if you wish. If you wish to include your story and attach a photo copy of your degrees, patents, awards, please do so. Just make sure to include the provisions we are trying to push.

    If you are handwriting the letter, your writing should be legible. If nobody can read your writing, then it will defeat the purpose. Write the letter in such a way that the key points are easy to read. If you would like to use rules, bold text, highlighters etc... go ahead and do it.

    We all need to be as creative as possible to make this campaign a success.

    Some of the feedback we got when we met our legislators here in Dallas was, when ever we send letters of these kinds they get much more attention when

    1) The letter has a personal story in it
    2) Letter is hand written

    If the letter is hand written and has a personal story in it (along with the IV agenda) then it's likely that some one will read it. On the other hand if it's just a printed copy of a standard letter then it's just going to get tossed into a bin.


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  • waiting_4_gc
    01-24 02:07 PM
    You dont get Air miles with Singapore airlines, right??

    Fly from SFO --> HongKong --> Singapore --> India . No transit visa needed anywhere. Inflight desi food available. Ticket is pricey.

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  • makemygc
    01-26 02:41 PM
    "Well Established Visa Requirement"....are you kidding me? It's not only about the visa requirement but the treatment that you get from those morons at their airport. Read the heathrow experience which people have posted and we are not making this up.

    Tell me this...You are going to your home country via london where your plane is only going to land and probably refuel and you can easily be asked to remain in a cordonned area where you cannot go out of the country. How in the heck can you think that person is going to step outside of the airport and sneak into their country. Don't you think that asking for transit visa from the passengers of the plane which is only going to touch that sacred land to just too much. Ok...we don't mind that...but atleast be courteous. What is the reason can you think of another stupid security checks plus asking passengers to stuff their personal hand bag in their cabin baggage where clearly this is allowed for the passengers.

    This does not make any sense unless you reason out that with other possible reasons like race, color etc etc.

    It really is amazing how much hot air has been generated on this thread over a well established transit visa requirement.

    The reason transit visas are required in the UK is that many passengers with an intention to transit the UK have stayed. The transit visa was introduced as a way of making sure (as much as possible) that the passenger has the intention and the ability to transit the UK and to enter a third country.

    The list of nationals that are required to have a visa to transit the UK represents a list of countries where there has been a particular problem with over stayers. It is not race based, but merely an effort to target the problem.

    It really does not matter what anyone thinks about the transit visa requirement because it is UK law. Everyone has a choice whether or not to transit the UK. Going back to the original post, to book a ticket without researching visa requirements and then trying to deflect personal responsibility by blaming the visa requirement is ridiculous.


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  • fiona6
    02-26 10:07 AM
    Called the DOS. Told them I need to travel to my home country and asked them if they can verify if my information is in PIMS. She asked if the H1-B is an extension case which it is. She said the extension cases are taking a bit longer than the new ones. That is quite surprising. Finally she looked in the database or whatever and said they do not have my extension information yet. All they have is the information from the expired petition. No timelines just asked me to call back in a week.:rolleyes:

    I need to know if anyone had any luck if their lawyers pursued this matter with the DOS.

    What is the phone number to call to verify the information?

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  • guest_mister_08
    08-17 03:17 PM
    I have received Courtesy copy of I485 Approval notice, and law firm received the Original I485 Approval Notice.

    Is there any use for Original I485 Approval Notice or just Green Card is Enough?


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  • chanduv23
    11-03 05:08 PM
    check out my blog on AC21

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  • stuck_here
    02-06 01:34 AM
    Hi guys..

    Do you think I can withdraw my H1 application and go to a different consulate and apply again ?

    In case you havent seen my posts befre, I have been stuck due to PIMS for 56 days !

    Thanks for the help !!

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  • virginia_desi
    01-31 09:07 AM
    Dear Vamsi, SVK, NK, Shahuja, Abuddyz, and all eligible visa aspirants:

    I just got an email from the Chennai consulate, 29th day from the interview, stating the visa was stamped today:

    "Thank you for your e-mail.

    Our records show that your visa was issued today, January 31. You
    should be receiving your passport/visa soon.

    Visa Information Unit
    American Consulate General

    Chennai 600006, India
    Telephone: 91 44 2857 4242
    Fax: 91 44 2811 2027


    This means there is light at the end of the tunnel. Please have faith in your abilities, and in your God. You will hear back soon.

    Moral of the story: "Never use a Consulate in India for visa re-validation again."

    Please learn from this story, and never again trust Consulates in India for extension purposes.

    God bless you all.:)

    How do you know that experience in Canada or Mexico will be any different from experience in India? It can be only better at a consulate that hasn't yet implemented PIMS, which I don't think there are any at this point. At least you are at home with family. I think the worst is to be stuck in Canada or Mexico for a month. I think the moral of the story is to use AP whenever possible.

    09-09 04:57 PM
    call call call

    11-25 02:06 PM
    I also got my letter and envelope back from TSC. :confused:

    I received the same thing. A canned reply asking to use their phone lines for inquiries. They returned my original envelope as well as my letter :rolleyes:
    No responses from anyone else.

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