Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Monica Bailey Tattoos

Monica Bailey first started tattoo in sleeve when she was about 19. Roman started it and Kirk from Bone Daddy's finished it. It was a memorial for she Daddy, she dad would often say "red skies at night sailors delight, red skies in the morning sailors take warning". Five years later Jym Warf from Inkaholics finished the rest of Monica Bailey arm with a theme that resembles "Alice in Wonderland". All of the characters have faces and personalities. Monica Bailey have two nieces, Lexi and Gracie, and their names are in the wings of two butterflies.


Monica Bailey Tattoo Advice:
Get something that is meaningful to you

Monica Bailey Favorite Tattoo:
Sleeve done as a memorial of She Dad

What Monica Bailey Tattoos Mean:
"Remind me of who I am and the people in my life who I love"



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