Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Brittnee tiger tattoo

Brittnee Tiger Tattoo


She is Brittnee. On She right side is a tiger which she got right after she had have a daughter. The tiger represents strength.


She have a "B" for Brittnee of course.
On left side she have a bushel of roses to represent she Grandma who passed and loved to grow roses in her garden.
On left wrist is a dove and on right is she daughter's name.


Brittnee got most of she tattoos at Latin Skulls by Juan and Fernie.
SheTattoo Advice:
She advice is that you shouldn't get tattoos when you're angry and get something unique that you know you're going to love forever and enjoy to look at every day.


Brittnee Favorite Tattoo:
Tiger She got right after she had have a daughter.

What Brittnee Tattoos Mean:
Brittnee tiger tattoo represents strength.

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